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"Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing"
Donna J. Abernathy
e-learning is learning
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The most used part of the new ICTs in universities is the Internet as a delivery tool for academic content and for student support. Distance learning platforms have been developed by almost every higher education institution, as panacea for issues like the increasing number of students, lack of appropriate and enough study space, standardisation, quality assurance and control of the information delivered, increasing costs of higher education and so on.

As a result, there is now a need for support concerning the methodology of development good distance courses, the quality level of tuition offered, pedagogical and technical standards, development of pedagogical basis, operative legislative regulations, a frame for distance programmes evaluation etc.

At this moment, "the potential of distance education, virtual education and virtual learning is not genuinely integrated in the Bologna process, although it is essential to reach the Bologna objectives in an effective and innovative way" (the response of EADTU to the Communication from the European Commission: "The role of universities in the Europe of knowledge - Contribution of open and distance learning", 31st of May 2003).

A bottom-up approach and a carrefull examination of local conditions could identify and validate the most efficient ways to transfer all relevant experiences and to build new bridges across European higher education space.

Therefore, the general need is the research, validation and up-to-date model for client-oriented University eLearning services based on European countries' experience and adapted to Candidate Countries needs and specifics.

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